Baltimore Is Benefitting Greatly From the Cannabis Industry

It’s not hard to see that the cannabis industry is indeed doing every state a big favor. It’s bringing lots of revenue because people just can’t get enough of it. Whether it’s for medical or recreational use, people are wiling to wait for a long time just to get their hands on marijuana.

One of the states that benefit from this is Maryland, especially the City of Baltimore. With such a big city, lots of businesses are swooping in and taking advantage of the growing market. Now, let’s go through all the aspects of the cannabis industry and how it’s giving heaps for the state.

History of Cannabis in Baltimore

It’s been more than 6 years since the state has legalized medical marijuana and the progress has been overwhelming. Lots of investors are swooping in and the number of patients is constantly increasing.

Since 2017, the sales have been going up which is what the state expected. More and more people are believing that marijuana is the solution to their problems and they’re trying it out. The more patients who get approved, the more dispensaries get opened.

In the state, there are over 65 dispensaries with 13 in Baltimore County and eight in Baltimore City. That’s not bad, considering that the state is not that huge compared to others. The number of patients who get approved for medical marijuana treatment is already closing on half a hundred thousand and the number is still expected to rise.

Recently, Baltimore’s state attorney announced that those who possess marijuana will no longer be prosecuted. This is a feat for Baltimore given that there have been previous cases about marijuana possession.

Maryland Medical Marijuana Program

One of the main reasons why it’s such a booming industry is that the number of patients is constantly growing. The process is made easy by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission which supervises over all the applications.

Since the process is quite easy with just registering to the MMMC as a patient and obtaining a written certification from a registered provider, the now-registered patient can visit any local dispensary to his or her liking.

With a fairly easy process, getting weed in this state has never been easier. The easier the process, the bigger the sales. Lots of dispensaries are opening to keep up with the number and it’s expected that this will drive the sales index even higher.

This program also ensures that their patients get the best experience. Patients only need to remember that there are limits to the amount of THC they can purchase and that the state follows a rolling 30-day period before they can make a new set of purchases. Other than that, it’s a fairly easy process that even minors with guardians can follow.

Dispensaries in Baltimore

Every business is striving to be the best out there and dispensaries in Baltimore surely make it a close fight. Each and every one of these dispensaries aim to offer high-quality products and great customer service to keep their customers coming.

Despite the limits to how much products can be bought within certain periods, customers are guaranteed that they won’t feel cheated with the products they bought. There are several dispensaries that have made their name not just to the residents but also to tourists.

GreenLeaf Medical Cannabis is one of those dispensaries. The patients expected long queues for this dispensary and they were not disappointed. The waiting area was cozy and comfortable, not making the customers feel like they were wasting their time.

This kind of experience is also one of the main reasons why customers keep coming back. They’re getting good product without wasting so much time.

Problems Encountered

Even though everything is looking positive for the industry, there are also several things that hamper its growth. One of these is the growing rise in the number of out-of-state owners that are slowly taking over the industry.

To many residents, this seems like one of the purpose of having a cannabis industry is being defeated. Many residents are squished by these multi-millionaires and they don’t stand a chance in terms of capital.
Luckily, the state has been doing a lot about it, specifically on limiting the number of dispensaries they can own. You can click to read more about it here. The issue still has opponents but the state lawmakers made sure to get it out of the way. The multi-million dollar industry hopefully won’t see future similar issues.

It’s not just the city benefitting from the industry, it’s also the patients. Although it’s not technically as legal as all other treatments, the benefits they’ve been getting are what helps the industry stay on top of its game. It’s not going to be far from reach when the this industry hits its billion dollar mark.

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